Small groups are a great way to get plugged in at Vive! Through small groups, you can deepen your faith and knowledge in your relationship with God and also build stronger relationships with others in your group. We have three different types of small groups here at Vive that each serves a unique purpose; Connect Groups, Studies, and LifePoints. Check out these groups in detail below and also check out our map showing where all of our groups are located, but most of all make sure that you take a moment to SIGN UP.

Small Groups available on the VIVE Church App

  • Connect Groups

    Getting connected in relationships is vital! We understand that very well here at Vive and want to give people as many opportunities as possible to connect with others. One way we do this is through our "Connect Groups". These are groups that meet periodically for the sole purpose of meeting people who have similar interests. Whether it's Monday Night Football, Moms Group, Motorcycle Riders, or Golf, these groups or events allow you to have a great time while meeting others. These groups will be announced on Sundays and through our facebook/twitter accounts.

  • Studies

    At Vive you have the opportunity to participate in many different Bible studies that can help you with spiritual growth. Studies like The Story, Forgotten God, Circle Maker, and many more are constantly offered throughout the week. In addition, you can use our online resources to do self-studies or studies with your family, co-workers, etc. Take advantage of all of our studies and resources and see how God can do amazing things in your life. Click Sign Up for our latest updates on Studies going on right now!

  • LifePoints

    How are you living your faith on a daily basis? With your loved ones? On your job? With yourself? Our LifePoints are ongoing small groups where you can connect with others who are going down the same road as you in learning to apply God's word to everyday life. Each week our groups get a short recap of the previous Sunday's message and have interactive discussion on it. These groups meet throughout the week and are typically in a local home. As new groups form, they will appear on the map and on the sign up section. If you have any questions or need help connecting with a LifePoint, get in touch using the Contact page.




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