Randy Knechtel is the founding and Lead Pastor of VIVE Church in Columbia, South Carolina. Randy is a gifted communicator and teacher driven by his desire to introduce people to the life-changing message of Jesus.

Chuck Hill is the campus pastor of VIVE Church on Clemson road. He is the campus' full-time pastor, and makes learning about Christ energizing and refreshing. He has something to offer both new and seasoned Christians every week.

We are Attractional: Using our location, facility, technology, resources and creativity, we will develop a message and programs that connect with people and assists in connecting them with God.

We are Relational: We are intentional about connecting with people in genuine life-giving relationships, where a sense of community, a place to belong permeates every gathering. The goal is biblical fellowship where each person feels valued and cared for.

We are Missional: We understand our culture and connect with people who need Jesus. We don’t wait for them to come, we GO to where the people are.