WHAT IS WEEVIVE? WeeVive is a place where your baby, toddler, and preschooler can get their first glimpse into the wonder of the God who created them and loves them. They will experience learning through fun activities, engaging bible stories, hands-on crafts and educational games. It is a privilege to invest in your wee little ones as we bring an entire generation to life.

WHAT TO EXPECT? Your child will be in a safe environment where they can explore, play, and learn about the God who made them and loves them. They will learn about His love through song, memory verse, bible story, learning activities and fun crafts. There is plenty of time for free play at the beginning of each service so your child can get to know other kids their age. We also have snack time where your child can learn to pray to God and be thankful for their many blessings.

STAY ENGAGED by downloading the parent cue card each month to stay up to date with what your child is learning in WeeVive and how you can foster their learning at home. Also, join our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/WeeVive to learn about upcoming events and to see your child engaged in learning on Sunday.

Contact the WeeVive Director: Sarah.Brannan@ViveChurch.com