Basic Element

WHAT IS BASIC ELEMENT? Kids love life! They love to have fun. They love to engage and experience everything they possibly can. We love this about them and we meet them with their excitement each week in Basic Element! This is a ministry for kids that take place during our worship experiences on Sunday mornings (9:30 & 11:15am). We teach the truths of scripture and celebrate the life of Jesus in a high energy, creative way that keeps them wanting to come back!

: When walking into Basic Element expect to be woken up by energetic music, flashing lights, and plenty of game consoles to keep every child occupied until the “show” starts. Many group games are incorporated into the Basic Element experience along with live game-specialist and prizes. We honor the child’s time spent in Basic Element by going above and beyond each week to present a thrilling experience for the children!

STAY ENGAGED: Directly after each service we host “Parent Time”. This is a time that parents are given a take home handout containing the lesson taught, along with a weekly memory verse to study with your child.

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