MERRY CHRISTMAS! I just love December! The sights, the sounds, the smells (my favorite)—all these things fill the days as we count down to the MOST important day of December, the day we celebrate Jesus.

That’s the plan for our preschoolers this month. We’re going to count down to Christmas with them as they learn the different parts of the Christmas story. First, they will hear how the angel came to tell Mary that she was going to have a special baby. The next week, Mary and Joseph will travel to Bethlehem, and a special baby is born! During week three, the children will pretend they are shepherds as they hear how the angels came to tell the shepherds in the field that Baby Jesus had been born.

Then, it’s Christmas Day!!! That’s right, Christmas Day is a Sunday this year. We will review the Christmas story and have a birthday party for Jesus. It’s going to be so much fun!


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