This month we’ll hear how Ruth helped Naomi by staying with her when she could have returned to her hometown. Then, Boaz helped them both by making sure they had enough to eat and were cared for. We can help others by being with them in a time of crisis and making sure they have what they need.

Preschoolers will learn about Nehemiah and how he led an entire city to rebuild their wall. We can help others by leading them to accomplish a task.

Then, they’ll experience the story of the woman who built a room for Elisha so that he had somewhere to rest when he was in town. We can help others by providing them hospitality.

Finally, preschoolers will hear how Aaron and his friends helped Moses by physically holding up his arms to help the army win an important battle. We can help others by physically helping them do something as well as standing by them during a hard time.

MEMORY VERSE & MOTIONS: Be kind (smile really big and point to your cheeks) and loving (give yourself a great big hug) to (hold up two fingers) each other (point to friends with pointer fingers) Ephesians 4:32 (open your hands like a book)

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