When you have a job to get done, you need the right tool. Hammers and screwdrivers work great for doing the job they were designed for, but sometimes you need something a little more complex. You need a tool that has the right attachment for the job, one that cooperates with that tool to get the job done.

16Feb SMP BottomLine1Like a drill. Without the right drill bit to do the work, it’s just a noisy paperweight.

Or a ratchet. Without the right socket, well, I guess you’ve got a shiny little … hammer maybe? It’s just not useful unless you have both parts working together.

There are even some tools that don’t need another piece. They need another person, like those lumberjack crosscut saws. The saw won’t work at all unless two people are working together. That’s cooperation—working together to do more than you could do alone.

When you think about it, cooperation is huge. When you cooperate, you can build more. You learn more. You can do more.

As kids are growing they become more aware of the people around them. They have friends on the playground or in their neighborhood. They have to work in teams to finish projects in school. If they don’t learn God’s plan for cooperation, they’ll have a difficult time getting along with people. That’s why it’s important that we take some time out to discover more about what the Bible says about cooperation.

16Feb SMP BottomLine2Cooperation is actually a spiritual concept that originates with God. God designed us as human beings not only to need each other, but also to need Him. Now, it’s not like God was up in heaven desperate for some help, so He made us. No, God is all-sufficient. But, He created us so we could have a relationship with Him, and so that we could participate in His work together. In other words, God put all of us together on this planet to do more together than we could ever do alone, and in some cases—with His help—to do things that might even seem “un-doable.”

Just think about the difference you could make in your church if every parent, leader and child really bought into this spiritual concept of cooperation. The Bible is full of stories of people who came together in faith to do something they never could have done alone. We can’t wait to hear about what happens when kids start understanding God’s design for cooperation.

This month, think about this question: “What can you do together?” What can you do together as a church to demonstrate to your children the way God designed us—not only to need each other, but also to need Him? How can we cooperate with God on His plan to change the world?


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